Climbing Programs

Climbing Programs

British Columbia

Program Information

The BC program is starting out again after a 2 year pause. We are focusing our time and effort to offer two programs; the therapeutic climbing program, and the community climbing program.

These will be held at indoor gyms around the Lower Mainland and at outdoor locations throughout the region.

Climbers can expect to share the experience with volunteers who span diverse backgrounds and skill sets, such as healthcare professionals, student volunteers, rock guides, and recreational climbers.

We are rebuilding our community after a long pause, so if you are interested in climbing with us, volunteering with us, supporting us with operational/admin capacity, or if you think you or your organization can support us financially or in kind, please get in touch with us.

Therapeutic Climbing Program

We’ve designed this program to assist your rehabilitation journey. It is facilitated by an Occupational Therapist, a climbing expert, and a dedicated team of amazing volunteers.

General research suggests the potential benefits of therapeutic climbing, which includes mental health benefits, physical health benefits and social/ emotional benefits.

Due to the growing literature around mindfulness and its use in reducing stress, depression and improving overall quality of life, our team incorporates mindfulness techniques into our climbing sessions. This includes mindfulness meditation during warm-up as well as body awareness and mindful breathing techniques while climbing.

The purpose of this therapeutic program is to use concepts of mindfulness and physical activity to promote mental, cognitive, emotional and physical functioning as per your self-identified goals. We collaborate with you, in a strengths based approach, towards achieving self-identified goals.

Community Climbing Program

These days are all about bringing the community together to share climbing in an environment that is fun, friendly and inclusive . We hope that we can support everyone to set and achieve goals, and to develop strength, skill and progression.

These programs are both indoors at climbing gyms around the lower mainland and outdoor at locations around the lower mainland and Squamish.

We hope to start these community climbing days in May 2022, so keep checking in with us for dates and locations.

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Upcoming Events

We are beginning our restart with a pilot of the therapeutic climbing program in partnership with GF Strong (VCH). Click on the button here to view the program brochure to learn more!

Get in Touch

Please connect with us if you are interested in either climbing, volunteering, collaborating, or to support us in some way.

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