Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

This new site is a good representation of the evolution that Canadian Adaptive Climbing Society has gone through in the last 5 years.

When the original site went live we hadn’t been running many programs at all. It was also just myself, and I was utilizing all the resources and support that were being generously offered to me by both Canada West Mountain School and Paradox Sports.

The initial intent for having a website was to try and build some credibility, and I designed the site to be as clean, simple and vague as possible. Keeping the wording and language open, in the understanding that the vision that I had may not be exactly what the future held. That could have included who would actually be interested in climbing with us, who I’d end up partnering with, who would support us financially, and where we’d even be able to climb.

I had the vision, and luckily pieces started to fall into place organically

Soon enough I was starting to attract other like minded individuals who saw the world through the same lens and understood the vision. We started to innovate and differentiate from what was being done elsewhere. We were able to find keen and dedicated climbers who were willing to help us innovate and refine gear and systems, and figure out which locations were best, and what walls were good for whom.

As I look through this new website it brings me back to the beginning of when Canadian Adaptive Climbing Society was launched, and what stands out most from that point to now are all the amazing people. So many to name here, but many of the core group are still with us and you know who you are.

Along the way we’ve added some truly amazing people and we’ve created a talented and compassionate community.

Each session ends up being a memorable shared experience regardless of how hard everyone climbs or how many climbs you get done. It’s just refreshing to be gathered with such a supportive and fun group of people, who take care of each other and keep each other safe!

Our goal with this new site is to set us up for success for the next 5 years. We want continue offering high quality, safe, and fun climbing programs, not necessarily more but just high quality. We want our climbers to progress their skills and make climbing a part of their monthly routine. We want our community to continue improving in safety, support and compassion. Ultimately we want to keep creating a more inclusive and accessible climbing community in Canada. This new website will certainly help us to do these, and hopefully more.

Thanks for your support! Brent

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